The Agency Program
Connecting Brands & Agencies to FBI.
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Why TAP?
  • It's a Free platform that connects Brands & Agencies to FBI (Facebookers, Bloggers, Instagrammers).
  • It saves brands & agencies up to 70% of costs.
  • So much more rewarding for FBI.
  • Wide range of selections for all parties.
For Brands & Agencies
You save a lot as there is NO FBI MIDDLEMAN involved.
With your original budget, you can increase your brand outreach by 100% and you can provide FBI with more perks.
For FBI (Facebookers, Bloggers, Instagrammers)
You gain much more as there is NO FBI MIDDLEMAN involved.
Imagine a place where all event, brand, party and trip sponsors come to you.
And no, you are not going to get only RM0.75 for 7778 blog banner ad views.
It Works Beautifully.
Brands & Agencies
(representing a brand)
Post Invitation on TAP
(event, review etc)
FBI apply to the brands they love
Brands / Agencies select
FBI share about their product/event experience
In the invitation post, the Brands & Agencies will state the brand details, perks and its terms. The collaboration between the agency and FBI is entirely up to the parties.
TAP is a FREE platform and it’s part of Seeties’
eco-system. Seeties wants to make a difference to the
digital advertising industry and to bring joy to all.
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Some of the Brands we work with
TAP Application
For Brands & Agencies
  • Strictly limited to 100 brands & agencies per country.
  • Open to brands, advertising, digital, entertainment, event, marketing, media and print.
  • For active brands & agencies only.
Apply Now
  • You need to be an active FBI.
  • Minimum entry requirement is 500 followers or page likes.
  • Open to 3 languages of English, Chinese and Malay.
Apply Now
*All applications are subject to approval. Seeties reserves the right to accept or reject applications as we see fit, and to change the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
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